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Did you know numerous injuries are reported annually, some fatal, due to collapsed decking, stairs and railings?  Even if there isn’t an accident, decks that become rotten or worn away become costly and dangerous.  Introducing the last deck you’ll ever need to install, SigmaDek.

SigmaDek was invented here in Calgary by Engineers, this new type of decking comes with NO maintenance, will NEVER rot and you WON’t need to replace it.  It comes with the stairs and railings and provides your backyard with a premium look like no other.

Renovations by Design is an official and certified reseller and installer of SigmaDek.  You can purchase the deck directly through us and our trained team of installers will ensure it is built to proper specifications to last a lifetime.

To learn more about the benefits of SigmaDek, visit their website at www.sigmadek.com

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